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Reflec PLC is the holding company for two divisional investment businesses, that operate in distinct and unconnected niche markets. Our UK divisions operate internationally from our head office and production facilities at Winsford, Cheshire through our customers, partners and distributors.

Our divisions benefit from high levels of industry expertise, track record and market awareness. Although governed through a group structure, each division is run autonomously and in a style that best fits the industry and markets that they serve.

The group structure provides a solid financial base for our divisional investments. The diverse range of products, services and markets that we serve through our divisions, provides stakeholders with varied opportunity, with the reassuring foundation of a broad business base.


The Companies


Reflec Evolution Ltd


Reflec Evolution was established in 1997 in WInsford, Cheshire.

Since then we have established ourselves as a custom toll processor serving the food, oral hygiene, plastics, fine chemical and chemical sectors.

Our main activities are changing particle size by using a range of specialised equipment, including cryogenic controlled size reduction, general powder processing, compaction, drying, separation blending and repacking facilities available. Our customised services compliment size manipulation. This includes blending of materials using a range of different types of equipment and formulations, and classifying of products to produce a range of particle distribution from one grade of material. Our dry compaction service allows us to produce improved bulk density and flow.

We also offer a complete R&D facility for the development of a new generation of materials and existing products coming into the market. Within the Company we offer trial facilities using scaled down equipment. This allows us to carry out laboratory sized trials for product evaluation before going onto the main plant.

At Reflec Evolution we believe in an honest and open door policy with our business partners. The benefits based on this approach are the gains from our continuous improvement programmes which can be shared by both parties on an ongoing basis. This approach extends to all customers - large or small. If we do not currently offer the service that you require, subject to justification, we will develop equipment to suit your requirements.

Reflec Evolution has specialist know how at its disposal in the field of size reduction, enlargement and general processing.


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Reflec Media Ltd


Reflecmedia's market leading products are used in TV production, film and digital content creation around the world. Reflecmedia's advances in chroma-key production has brought industry-leading products within reach of anyone involved in digital content creation.

We are the UK’s leading innovator of cutting edge chroma key technology. From our manufacturing base in Cheshire we supply a global network of resellers and distributors, bringing industry-leading products within the reach of everyone involved with film, TV and video production, digital content creation and education.

Chroma key – commonly referred to as blue screen or green screen – is the technique for combining two images, in which the coloured background from one image is removed (or made transparent) to reveal another image behind it. Used for decades in feature film, video and television production, the process remained largely unchanged until we launched our Chromatte cloth and Litering in 2002, followed by the ChromaFlex, Chromaflex EL and BaseMatte.

These innovative, portable and easy to use products mean that almost any location can be used, with minimal lighting and technical support, as a virtual studio at a fraction of the costs associated.

Our products serve the Broadcast, Video/Photography, Corportate and Education Markets so you can Create Your World Your Way.

Reflecmedia also license IPR and trademarks for reflective technology and sells reflective beads and ink